On Q EdgeCentre™

Bringing your data closer to your customers.


About EdgeCentre™

On Q Communications EdgeCentres™ are “edge” data centre facilities, strategically located across regional Australia to provide operators with opportunities to deliver service closer to their customers. Custom designed as highly efficient and modular facilities, the EdgeCentre™ locations are chosen deliberately based on key population centres. Generally housed within concrete and masonry structures EdgeCentres™ typically feature resilient and multi-homed power systems, scale-out cooling infrastructure, highly redundant telecommunications, and close proximity to Telstra exchanges and NBN Points of Interconnect (PoI’s). Additionally, the facilities provide immediate access to On Q’s access and backhaul networks.

Typical Facility Features

  • Close Proximity to End Users

  • Proximity to Telstra exchanges and NBN PoI’s

  • N+1 Power Configuration

  • N+1 Cooling Configuration

  • N+1 Backup Generator Configuration
  • Three Factor Security including Biometrics

  • CCTV Coverage of white and gray space

EdgeCentre™ Locations

On Q Communications provides EdgeCentres™ across regional Queensland, with plans to construct further facilities in the short term.

  • Townsville CBD EdgeCentre™
  • Mackay CBD EdgeCentre™
  • Cairns CBD EdgeCentre™
  • Rockhampton CBD EdgeCentre™ (2018)
  • Bundaberg CBD EdgeCentre™ (2018)

Complementary Connectivity

  • On Q’s Townsville Fibre Optic Footprint

  • Deep Coverage in Regional Areas around Townsville

  • Connectivity to Telstra Exchanges

  • Connectivity to NBN Points of Interconnect