Townsville Data Centre

Townsville’s only enterprise grade data centre facility.


About The Facility

On Q Communications Townsville data centre is a TIA-942 Tier 3 facility, centrally located in the Townsville central business district. With a close proximity to state government disaster management facilities, access and availability during natural disasters is improved. A non-descript concrete and masonry structure houses the data centre, having been selected deliberately as a secure and inconspicuous building. Redundant telecommunications, power and cooling infrastructure provide assurance that the facility can operate with planned or unplanned maintenance on multiple systems. With more than six carriers on the doorstep, connectivity can be arranged through the On Q Communications network, or through other carriers if preferred.

General Facility Features

  • Concrete & Masonry Construction

  • Scalable, modular cooling and power design
  • N+1 Utility Power Configuration
  • 2N Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Configuration
  • N+1 Backup Generator Configuration
  • Three Factor Security including biometrics
  • CCTV Coverage of white and gray space

Value Added Managed Services

On Q Communications provides a full range of managed services to customers of our Townsville Data Centre. For those customers without a physical presence in the region, this makes using the facility simple and cost effective.

  • Technical Remote Hands Service
  • Deployment and Decomissioning (Rack & Stack)
  • Managed Corporate Network
  • Hardware to Hardware Migration
  • Hardware to Cloud Migration
  • Cloud to Cloud Migration

Complementary Connectivity

  • On Q’s Townsville Fibre Optic Footprint

  • Deep Coverage in Regional Areas around Townsville

  • Connectivity to Telstra Exchanges

  • Connectivity to NBN Points of Interconnect