About On Q

Established in 2007, On Q Communications is a leading provider of telecommunications, data centre and cloud computing services.

We deliver innovative telecommunications and ICT solutions to customers across a range of market verticals, including service providers, government organisations, educational institutions and commercial businesses.
What’s more, our capabilities extend throughout the Asia Pacific region thanks to a comprehensive infrastructure network, plus partnerships with key service providers in the telecommunications and ICT industry.


We have the ability to adapt quickly to new opportunities, changing requirements and emerging markets.
We’re bold in everything we do. We challenge the status quo and always look for better, more efficient ways of delivering our services.
We employ highly talented and motivated people to ensure we always deliver the highest levels of service and expertise.
We’re confident and decisive when it comes to implementing innovative solutions for our customers.
Telecommunications Tower


We operate our own carrier grade telecommunications network that covers large areas of Australia, with a presence in capital cities and across regional Australia.

Data Centre

Data Centre

On Q Communications has access to state-of-the-art data centres along Australia’s East Coast, including Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and other regional locations.

Cloud Computing


Offering exceptional security, flexibility and availability, the On Q Communications cloud platform is designed to accommodate your cloud-based business requirements, both now and in the future.